We were inspired to provide an easy to contribute and use framework to summarize large data sets. In specific, our application of this framework seeks to support public defenders by decreasing the amount of time they spend reading through verbose case files.

What it does

Our framework provides an accessible way to contribute to our summarization codebase without a comprehendive understanding of the core technology. Users can add new features using our framework to expand their own projects, or add functionality to the framework itself, as well as create personalized, shareable applets for specific use cases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a strong, well-designed application created as an example of our framework. Contributions to this framework function similarly to other large open source projects, like building Chrome extensions or custom Wolfram Alpha functions.

What's next for --less is more

law --less needs to be refined to improve core technology before expanding the framework into other fields. --less is more seeks to bring big data management and comprehension into the open source. We hope that eventually this framework can lead to generally improved data analysis times and more widespread access to data analytics software.

@authors Chiranth Kishore Duke Vijitbenjaronk Kabir Manghnani Owen Li Nathan Narashimhan Naveed Riaziat


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