We found the inspiration behind this project through a popular game theory subject: the prisoners dilemma. Following it's central theme of trying to predict what your peers would choose, we created less IS more.

What it does

Less IS more utilizes game theory aspects to provide a realtime, multiplayer game where the player has to weigh his options in order to make an informed decision over his choices. Through the utilization of game theory, we can create an interesting game that fosters competition and enjoyment.

How we built it

We created a backend off of Heroku and Parse, which then powered our two pronged front end, both web and mobile. Our web was created utilizing python and HTML/CSS as well as bootstrap technologies. Our mobile platform was created using Swift and cocoa pods.

Challenges we ran into

Our team was relatively inexperienced in programming, as well as hackathons, and we were a little lost in choosing an idea for this competition. We began with an overly ambitious project, which we realized, as time went on, that was simply impossible to complete within the short period of time. However, we managed to help each other to accomplish something together that none of us could have accomplished alone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we could have created this product in such a short time. We managed to utilize two platforms as well as utilize backends that we were unfamiliar with. We learned a lot, and accomplished a lot as well.

What we learned

We learned a variety of programming concepts and skills, ranging from backend creation to bootstrapping to mobile development.

What's next for less IS more

Less is more is something that we believe can become a great product that will be used by millions of people worldwide. Through its simple interface and engaging gameplay, we are able to create the ultimate website for users to engage in prisoners dilemma with other users all across the globe.

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