Lesley loves the company of others, but Lesley needs protection. Score as often as you can, but don't get caught without protection or it's game over.

Contains 20 embedded messages and statistics about STD/STI/HIV prevention and uses procedural rhetoric to drive one important message home - use a condom. Game is designed to be a gender agnostic affection game. Affection games are a growing genre of games in which players must flirt, hug, kiss or make love to meet their goals. A playful experience about scoring - safely.

Game provides procedural rhetoric (claims made through game mechanics ) as follows: • Always Come equipped- When the player has no more protection, non-player characters are to be avoided lest you have “accidental” intercourse • Always be ready for action-The player can collect all the condoms they want and then run back to the beginning to collect points • Abstinence is a reasonable strategy - Players can abstain and still win the game. • Always and only at the right time -Players must repeatedly apply protection (it expires after one use or if unused over time) • Results are not always immediately apparent- Since STI’s and STD’s don’t show themselves immediately, player is made aware after a short period (but they are notified of non-protected sex immediately). To avoid players who might think it interesting to infect others, the game makes all non-player characters disinterested once the player has had unprotected interaction once. • If you don’t have one, don’t even start- If the player has no more protection (condom), the game is designed to encourage players to avoid “scoring” interactions with non-player characters.

The game was designed and implemented by Lindsay Grace at the American University Persuasive Play Studio. All code and art was created by Lindsay Grace. The game was initiated in partnership with Impact LGBT Health and Development Program.

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