By seeing our loved ones getting suffered from pressure injuries, this made us to find a solution for pressure injuries.

What it does

Existing mattresses restrict airflow and do not allow it to escape. Sweating occurs as a result of inadequate airflow, and sweating increases the chances of pressure injuries. This project mattress mainly focuses on immobilized individuals and persons who use wheelchairs can be designed by providing sufficient air circulation, relaxed feel, and readily transport moisture by keeping them with less pain and more comfort.

How we built it

The proposed mattress comprises 3 layers namely, Top layer-Spacer fabric Middle layer-Dry fast foam Foundation layer- Banana peel bioplastic

Challenges we ran into

Niching it down to design a product which is Feasible Eco-friendly Sustainable Viable User friendly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We turned the challenges we ran through, as our strengths to our product.

What we learned

To develop a sustainable product design How to apply speciality fibres rather than commodity fibres in the field of healthcare sector. To embed the sensor into the mattress which does not create any hinderance to the patients.

What's next for Lesion Futon

Piezo- triboelectric material based sensor ( biodegradable and flexible ) could be implemented in addition with the product which is under our research process

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