Anne and I met each other while building up the HR and Marketing department from scratch at the now hottest logistics startup in Europe. As soon to be moms we sat together and realized the challenges that would come across working moms. We decided that we want to make it different. We want to build a working environment that appreciates true diversity and want to proof that its possible having a great career and a family. Also, we realized how hard it is getting awesome sales people. Leome was born, a name fused from our kids Leonardo and Meliha.

The virus hit many people hard. Some are forced to be short-term workers, others completely lost their main source of income. One of them Anne herself, as her husband owns 4 restaurants in Berlin. We want to finish our platform and use parts of it to help exactly those people.

What it does

We want to help people examining their strengths and help them to use their industry relevant expertise to get matched to a job at companies that are striving. We will focus on the areas of sales, but aim to partner up with other job matching platforms covering other areas as medical care, marketing etc.

How I built it

Current tooling is wordpress with Elementor plugin for front-end and WPforms Pro for surveys and forms. Find below the candidate walkthrough:

  1. Candidate register their contact detail and skills
  2. Entries are stored in WPForms entries
  3. Data is exported as csv file to run the algorithm
  4. Send results to each candidate email separately

And company walkthrough:

  1. Candidate register their contact detail, job position, set criteria and their importance
  2. Entries are stored in WPForms entries
  3. Data is exported as csv file to run the algorithm
  4. Send result to each company contact email separately

Challenges I ran into

  • Finding a good way to connect to potential candidates that are up for work as lateral entrants
  • Adapting the website to fit the needs of lateral entrants
  • Setup candidate/company profiles (Optional)
  • Development of a fuzzy algorithm that matches companies to candidates based on the criteria and importance of each factor (Algorithm must score candidates to find the best match(es) to an offer)
  • Automation of sending/receiving candidate and companies new entries to the algorithm
  • Setup the infrastructure necessary to run the algorithm
  • Automation of sending the outcome to the profiles/CRM
  • Working remote from beginning onwards

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We founded the company, build a MVP and a process to get started.

What I learned

A good Workflow Management and communication is key for remote work.

What's next for Leome Sales Jobmatching

Automating the matching process, adapting business model to the needs of lateral entrants

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