Having teached high school students Physics, Calculus, and Computer Science for an academic year, I know how difficult it can be for students to wrap their heads around difficult concepts. I believe that spatial computing will provide students with an immersive learning experience that will not only make learning fun and exciting, but will them to explore, play with, and understand difficult material. This proof of concept will prove the effectiveness of the technology in the education.

What it does

This project allows students to manipulate and explore optics using virtual lenses (not headset lenses) and light sources. The technology allows users to visualize light behaving in a realistic way. The Magic Leap headset provides eye tracking capabilities that we utilize to show how the real world light is interacting with the user's eyes. The application also provides the underlying physical concepts in digestible segments so students can start to solidify their exploration in real world theories.

How we built it

The project is still a work in progress, with that said, we are using the Lumin SDK and Unity to program the functionality and bring the concept to life.

Challenges we ran into

We have been limited by appropriate technology for the project, however the use of the newly released Magic Leap One provides a viable platform to build this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Out original proof of concept (VR Vector Math) proved to increase students understanding of Vector Math by 200%. That project was Vector Math based and in VR, but it validates the concept of teaching difficult subject matter using immersive technology.

What we learned

Students love to learn by exploring and playing with the concepts. This was shown to be true during our user testing of the VR Vector Math

What's next for Lens Sandbox

This project is the spearhead for our larger idea of an immersive Learning Management Software. I know that immersive technologies are going to impact education and I am excited to be on the bleeding edge!

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