We are in a very social connected world, and that is a goldmine of information for companies to look at to find data. However, reading all these millions of posts and figuring out their opinions of your products is so time consuming it is unfeasible.

What it does

Lens will read the millions of tweets / blogs / news articles on the Internet, and will provide pretty graphs for you to look at. Not only will it provide data on your company/product, you can graph your product against your competitors, and easily see which is having a bigger impact in the social sphere. This is extremely valuable for seeing how well your marketing campaigns are being received by the public, and how their opinion of your product changes over time.

Current features include:

  • See which positive or negative tweets are seen by the most people about your product
  • View what percentage of males versus females are interested in your product
  • Out of all the posts about your product, find out what percentage are positive/negative/neutral/ambivalent
  • View what countries are posting about your product the most
  • See live recent positive or negative posts about your product

How I built it

  • Login functionality and data aggregation is provided by MongoDB
  • The enriched Twitter data comes from IBM Insights for Twitter
  • The blog and news article reading comes from AlchemyAPI

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are happy with how the site looks, and that we could implement so many different kinds of analytical outputs.

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