The inspiration behind Lenire is the personal struggles our team faced with procrastination through junior year, and the mental stress and anxiety the procrastination ultimately led to. The problems we faced inspired us to help other teenagers with procrastination and mental health.

The user adds upcoming assignments and exams to the application, and before the due dates of the assignments, the app will remind the user to begin studying and preparing. In addition, each day, the application will give the user the option to lock classic procrastination apps, such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, in order to force the user to study for his or her upcoming assignments. Furthermore, each morning, the app will remind the user of that day's tasks, allowing the user to keep his or her schedule on track. At the completion of each task, the app will suggest a stress-relieving activity, such as a walk outside or a quick yoga session.

We built our application through Android Studio, and based it on Java and XML. We stored our user information on Firebase.

One major challenge we ran into was connecting our application with School Loop and became a feature to work towards.

We are able to store assignments and tests that we are later able to retrieve.

We learned how to get key data from large html file. We learned more about storing data in a database and initially it was difficult but as we learned from our mistakes. We were able to learn more about the overall process.

We plan developing the app by storing more information about the users to make more accurate suggestion. Also to integrate our features with school loop to further aid our users.

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