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I wanted to create a project that would both inform about cancer and connect those who are curious with doctors to help answer their questions. I've had family members with cancer and it was scary for everyone. Unless you or someone close to you have been through cancer, you most likely don't know a whole bunch about it. I wanted to have resources all in one place with the website and app.

What it does

The app lets you sign in to see your own page. The app will give a daily inspirational quote as well as the option to contact a doctor to ask a question or chat about what health problems concerning cancer they may have. It also takes you to our website that has more information on cancer and treatments. The website includes major cancer facts, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and what to do if you have cancer information.

How I built it

I built the app using and using html5 and boot strap. I made graphics with canva. For the website I used with html5.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad I was able to finish and proud of the look and feel of the website and app as a brand.

What I learned

I haven't used html for a project yet and it was really cool to code something from scratch.

What's next for Lenio

Hopefully making the app work fully. Only having one day to work on the project limited me, but with more time it should become a fully developed app.

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