Seamless Personal Payments

Lendry is the easiest way to use MintChip on the Android platform.

Send MintChip payments to friends for anything: Bar tabs, moving help, bicycle repair, or even good advice :)

Easy integration with both remote and SD MintChip accounts. Insert MintChip enabled SD card or place .p12 file on device filesystem, Lendry handles the rest

Deep Facebook and Twitter integration: Login using Facebook or Twitter accounts, find friends from both services using Lendry, and post payments to your timelines. Share as little or as much as you want

NFC Support: Use Android Beam to initiate payments or configure NFC tags to provide an easy way to make a preconfigured payment

High resolution images help you remember your payment history

Simple interface makes keeping track of and sending funds easy

Hybrid P2P/Cloud Solution allows you to send funds to someone right next to you or across the planet

Check out the video to see it in action!

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