With apps like Uber and AirBnB gaining popularity, we were inspired to create a similar business model where you earn money without owning any assets. Environmental conservation was also a major factor behind this app. By creating a platform that encourages people to borrow and share items instead of buying new ones, we aim to reduce the overall consumption of resources and minimize the carbon footprint associated with excessive production and disposal. Last but not the least, cost-effective living. Many people face financial constraints or simply prefer not to spend money on items they will only need temporarily or infrequently. Our app aims to provide a practical solution, allowing individuals to access and use items without the burden of ownership and the associated costs.

What it does

Introducing "Lendr" - the revolutionary app that transforms the way we consume and share goods. Lendr is a peer-to-peer lending and rental platform that empowers individuals to borrow and lend items within their community, saving money, reducing waste, and fostering a spirit of collaboration.

With Lendr, you can unlock a world of possibilities. Need a power drill for a quick home improvement project? Instead of buying one, simply browse through our extensive inventory of tools available for rent nearby. From everyday essentials to specialty equipment, you can access a wide range of items without the burden of ownership.

Have items sitting idle in your garage or closet? Lendrenables you to put them to good use and earn some extra cash. List your unused possessions on the app, set your rental terms, and watch as others in your community benefit from your generosity. Lendr provides a safe and secure platform, ensuring seamless transactions and protecting your belongings.

By embracing the sharing economy, Lendr promotes sustainability and reduces environmental impact. Imagine a world where we collectively consume fewer resources and extend the lifespan of products. With Lendr, you become an active participant in building a greener future, all while saving money and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Whether you're a student on a budget, a small business owner looking to minimize expenses, or simply someone who values community and sustainability, Lendr is the app for you. Experience the joy of borrowing, the satisfaction of lending, and the positive impact we can make together. Join Lendr today and discover a world where sharing truly becomes caring.

How we built it

Lendr was built through a collaborative and iterative development process using Flutter and SQL. Our team conducted extensive research to understand user needs in the sharing economy, which guided the app's feature set. Leveraging Flutter's cross-platform capabilities, we developed Lendr for both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously, saving time and effort. Flutter's rich widget library and hot-reload feature facilitated quick prototyping and iteration, resulting in a clean and intuitive user interface.

On the backend, we utilized SQL for efficient and secure data management. We designed a robust database schema to store user profiles, item listings, and rental transactions. SQL's querying capabilities ensured seamless data retrieval and updates, enhancing overall performance. Throughout the development process, we embraced an agile approach, gathering feedback and conducting regular testing to identify and address bugs and usability issues. This iterative process allowed us to refine Lendr and meet the needs of our target audience.

The collaborative effort, thorough research, and utilization of powerful tools like Flutter and SQL resulted in Lendr's success. The app provides a seamless platform for borrowing and lending items, fostering collaboration, sustainability, and a sense of community. By combining a user-friendly interface with efficient data management, Lendr empowers users to participate in the sharing economy with ease.

Challenges we ran into

Developing a robust and user-friendly app involves overcoming technical challenges. We ran into challenges involving working on pages that are closely linked together. We would get merge conflict every time our team did a commit to GitHub. Moreover, we often had to use VSCode's LiveShare extension to develop together and share one emulator to debug different, but heavily interconnected pages. Crafting an intuitive and delightful user experience is an ongoing challenge. UI/UX can be a deciding factor if the user will like our app or not. Due to the short time frame of a hackathon, we weren't able to pay very close attention to the UI/UX of the app but we did our best to make the interface as pleasing as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We take great pride in the accomplishment of developing a fully functional app with a clean user interface (UI) for Lendr. Our team dedicated countless hours and utilized their expertise in app development to create an app that not only works seamlessly but also provides an intuitive and visually appealing experience for our users. The clean UI ensures that users can navigate the app effortlessly, find the items they need, and engage in the lending and borrowing process with ease. We believe that a well-designed UI is essential for enhancing user satisfaction and promoting a positive user experience.

In addition to the UI, we are proud of the overall functionality of the app. Lendr offers a robust platform for peer-to-peer lending and renting, enabling individuals to easily access a wide range of items within their community. From listing available items to setting rental terms, our app provides a seamless process for both lenders and borrowers. We have implemented features such as secure transactions, real-time notifications, and user profiles to ensure a safe and convenient experience for everyone involved. Our accomplishment lies in creating a fully functional app that empowers users to save money, reduce waste, and foster collaboration in their communities.

What we learned

Participating in a hackathon where we developed Lendr using Flutter and SQL was a transformative experience. It taught us the power of teamwork, effective communication, and the value of user feedback and iteration. We learned to prioritize features, leverage Flutter's flexibility for cross-platform development, and utilize SQL for efficient database management. The hackathon accelerated our development process, fostered collaboration, and solidified our vision for Lendr as an innovative, community-driven platform.

In summary, the hackathon was instrumental in shaping Lendr. We learned to work as a team, communicate effectively, and incorporate user feedback. Flutter and SQL proved to be excellent choices for app development, allowing us to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface while efficiently managing the app's data. This experience propelled us forward, reaffirming our commitment to revolutionize the way people consume and share goods through the collaborative and sustainable spirit of Lendr.

What's next for Lendr

The future for Lendr is full of potential as we prepare to launch the app on app stores. Our focus is on refining the app's features and user experience based on feedback, ensuring stability, performance, and security. We are eager to expand our user base through strategic marketing, collaborations with local communities, and partnerships with businesses to offer a diverse range of items for borrowing. With a dedicated team and a commitment to sustainability, Lendr is poised to revolutionize the way people consume and share goods, fostering a spirit of collaboration and making a positive impact on both the environment and the communities we serve.

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