With the latest Harry Potter book release, I went around asking my friends if the had it so I could borrow and read. After a lot of searching I finally gave up and purchased it. What really felt bad was not only how bad the book was, but also the fact that my wingmate had this book all this while. If only I could get to know he had it.

What it does

An app which connects people to potential lenders of a single use commodity. Lenders find borrowers around their location or in their friend circle. Building a trust based community of readers, gamers, movie-buffs and more

How we built it

Built using the Python/ Django framework for implementing the backend. Frontend using HTML/CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Finding an efficient implementation for creating the database that contains all user and book data. Implementing notifications for every user. Creating a mechanism for requesting books. Figuring out a way to use Haven OnDemand APIs in our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the complicated relational database structure in around 24 hours. A model that we can replicate in our own institute when we get back.

What we learned

We learned the complications that come while creating a database which is completely inter-linked. Effective division of work among teammates Integration of modules into a final working prototype

What's next for LendIt

  • Location based search suggestions based on users nearby.
  • Filter options for choosing facebook friends, display distance wise etc.
  • A verification mecahanism using Razorpay's API for caution money. Confirming book return by sending an OTP to the lender when the borrower returns the book. Typing the OTP will return the caution money to the borrower.
  • Maintaining a user rating based on number of returns and lending history
  • Request buying from a user who has put an item for lending.
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