When I discovered the Radix Engine and its Network I realized it has a lot of value and an undiscovered potential so it seems to good to be true... then I decided to give myself a chance and even if I am a software architect with experience in TradFi but no previous experience in Rust neither in Smart Contract I decided to find some time to start this project from scratch, I started the first day the hackacthon was launched and I have been working on it every day since today looking at videos, digging documentation and designing and developing this project

What it does

LendingdApp is uncollateralized lending decentralized application that aim incentivizes rewards to lenders granting them a great 7% reward on each lend and it also aim to incentivizes borrower without asking for a collateral but instead asking them a 10% fee on each borrowing. It is a proof-of-concept to be able to get some hands-on Scrypto and its asset programming style.

How we built it

LendingdApp has been entirely built using the toolchain suggested, VSCode with rust extension, Resim and tested with PTE on Chrome. Also a lot of testing has been done using shell script. High-level diagrams have been created with VisualParadigm.

Challenges we ran into

Main challenge was when I decided to create the second blueprint that would serve as a builder of first blueprint to allow the building of new loan pool with tokens othen than xrd

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A fully functional dApp that could be really deployed on the network when Babylon launches

What we learned

How to use the toolchain, how to start design and testing a dApp application.

What's next for LendingdApp

There is a lot that could be improved about the current implementation of LendingdApp. Most important is to write a complete white-paper and a business plan with assumptions about the business model.

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