Having the ability to request and send NEAR to\from other NEAR accounts easily using a mobile app. This app is built on the trust that NEAR users who truly need to borrow money will pay it back. And dApp built as a mobile app is a new addition to the NEAR ecosystem.

What it does

Lend Me connects NEAR borrowers to request NEAR from other users who can lend the NEAR and get it back within the specified borrowing period. This app is based on the trust that borrowers will pay back the NEAR amount in time without any collaterals.

How we built it

We've built the mobile app using Flutter to be able to work on IOS and Android platforms using the near-api-flutter that allowed us to connect to users' wallets and interact with the near blockchain and with our lendme smart-contract on chain.

Challenges we ran into

We couldn't build a dApp on mobile without building the near-api-flutter package that allowed us to make it possible to connect to users' wallets and interact with the NEAR blockchain and our smart contract on chain. We faced many challenges during the development of the near-api-flutter package like how to serialize the transactions and how to sign the transactions locally without compromising the users' private keys which we successfully achieved.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building an easy-to-use mobile app that lets users lend and borrow NEAR without collaterals. Also, developing the near-api-flutter package and making it publically available for all Flutter developers will allow mobile developers to enter the web3 world and the NEAR ecosystem with ease.

What we learned

How to sign transactions How to interact with NEAR wallet How to generate keypairs How to connect and interact to the near blockchain using near-api-flutter package How to build and deploy a NEAR smart contract How to manage user assets through a NEAR smart contract

What's next for Lend Me

To make the lending process more trusted we will add more information about the borrower such as How much did he borrow, how much of the borrowed amount was paid back, and how many times the borrower didn't pay back on time. Using this information we will calculate a health factor for each user so that users can trust the borrowers based on their calculated health factor.

We also plan to build a decentralized finance app on IOS and Android that is based on the rotating savings and credit association (ROSCA) model instead of the traditional collateralization model that is the standard for traditional DEFIs that works through interest.

Built With

  • assemblyscript
  • flutter
  • near-api-flutter
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