Lend & Learn was inspired by our experiences as college students during our first semester. In almost every class we were required to purchase a $100+ textbooks for each class or wait in long rental queues at the library to access a copy. To remedy this, we wanted to create a product that will provide a more feasible financial option for student to acquire textbooks!

What it does

This project creates a network between users who wish to share their textbooks and students who are in need of access to materials for their education. "Lenders" are able to post the books they are willing to give through the Lend webpage. "Learners" are able to view textbook offerings from lenders using a series of keywords to refine the scope of their search on the Home and Learn webpages.

How we built it

We utilized bootstrap templates to get a kickstart on CSS formatting for our website. Additionally, we used HTML, PHP, and MySQL to code the functionality of the website.

Challenges we ran into

This hackathon all of the team members coded in a new language, challenging us to learn a new syntax and software. This led to a few issues where we did not know how to implement certain functionalities within the 12 hour time constraint.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite of the many new endeavors our team worked through, we were able to create a solid visual webpage to host our site and implement the basics for the experience we have envisioned.

What we learned

Each of our members was exposed to new concepts and languages in computer science such as front-end development, PHP, MySQL, and Git.

What's next for Lend & Learn

In the future we hope to expand the connection between our webpage the database for the textbooks. Additionally, provide greater filtering functionality.

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