Lend A Hand Legal [www.lendahandlegal.com] is fully automated family court document web-based application for Washington State residents. Lend A Hand Legal tackles the complex problem of assisting pro se (people representing themselves) or limited representation individuals with their family court documents. In 2003 the Task Force on Civil Equal Justice Funding of the Washington State Supreme Court conducted the Washington State Civil Legal Needs Study. This study uncovered major gaps in access to civil legal assistance among middle class and low income individuals. Lend A Hand Legal was developed to address this problem. The Community App Challenge was great motivation to make Lend A Hand Legal a reality. Lend A Hand Legal is THE tool for automatically creating a range of complex family court documents in the State of Washington. We are obviously still in beta, and we currently have one full document service available. However, the foundation is there to expand. Broad Range of Family Court Document Scenarios Some of our base service areas include custody, child support, divorce, and others. Once you've chosen a base document service, add-on any number of additional documents such as temporary orders, motions, and more. The most advanced questionnaire system available Completing legal documents always involves questions. In the past you may have completed paper questionnaires, or given your answers verbally. We've taken a new, exciting approach to legal questionnaires! Not only is our questionnaire system superior, our actual questionnaires are a stroke of genius. Hyper-personalized, intelligent questionnaires help you easily get your documents done. First class family court documents Professional documents generated from scratch in Microsoft Word format for easy viewing, saving, and printing. We don't use outdated mail merge technology. Every document you generate is completed from scratch, and customized as if it was being completed by a legal professional. You will see the difference immediately. You can also create multiple versions of any document effortlessly. Lend A Hand Legal is currently offered as open source. The source code is available to developers upon request.                    

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