Our inspiration was those older people who live alone without the support of their family and have to do all the daily work on their own. We tend to help those elderly people by lending a hand.

What it does

Our app can help older people by just asking their neighbor students who want to help them for money. People can post their ad like to buy groceries from the market and nearby people can accept their request and buy groceries for them and deliver it to their house and they will get a little incentive to do so. Students can also volunteer to spend time with older people.

How we built it

We built it using flutter. We used Firebase for authentication and also to store data.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was to store the data in firebase and retrieve it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built this prototype on time and managed to deliver our idea using this hackathon. We are proud of everything we learned during this small journey

What we learned

We learned the value of teamwork and we learned to manage our time to complete our task on time.

What's next for Lend a hand

As this is just a prototype our real will be more interactive, easy-to-use UI and much more features like a chatting system to chat with neighbors.

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