During this Covid-19 pandemic, our team has noticed the high demand in essentials such as face masks and the importance of lending a hand to those in most need. When people come together as a whole great things happen. What better way than to create an application to connect eager volunteers with organizations that are providing aid to those being impacted by COVID.

What it does

Our application is simple and easy to use. Once a user signs up as a volunteer, they will fill out a survey, get matched to organizations, then have the option to schedule volunteer sessions. The sign in form has some check boxes for users to select from. This will allow us to have a better idea of what type of skills they have to match them with an organization. Such opportunities users can select from are joining an organization to make face masks, volunteering to pick up groceries for the elderly, donate food to a local food bank, and more!

How I built it

We built this application using the React web framework, Bootstrap css framework, HTML, CSS, and for back-end we plan to integrate SQL for maintaining the database. To make our application scalable, we plan to push it to AWS in the future. This will help us develop a scalable cloud-based application with built in AWS features that can help deploy things efficiently with great user experience.

Challenges I ran into

It is not easy to work virtually for some or work with different time-zones. Our team has been impacted by this as well. Additionally, finding a team was also a challenge, as well as having members drop due to personal or educational purposes. Nonetheless, we are still very passionate about our idea and plan to invest more time into this project. With more given time, our team would be able to finalize this idea and connect people for good causes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of working through the barriers we have faced over the course of this hackathon. As well as creating a prototype of our idea, we visualized an application that can help save lives!

What I learned

Our team learned about REACT and how to use Git commands to push code to GitHub. It is a very important skill when developing web applications. Together, we coded live so that we can view the REACT environment, the apps components and how to create files. We learned that it is not easy to work virtually however, it is feasible with a team that shares a passion to helping the community.

What's next for COVAID

AWESOMENESS and IMPACT. COVAID is not over yet, with more time we plan to make complete this application in REACT, move it to AWS, scale to application to other nations including Canada, Europe, Central America, South America, Asia, and many more parts of the world. Connecting people to helping those in need during this pandemic is our mission and with time, dedication, effort, focus, and determination we will get there. Thank you!

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