We don't really learn a lot of banking fundamentals in school. A whole lot of us are left clueless. We decide to go online and try to read and understand how everything works, but it just doesn't work out. There isn't really a fun interactive way of obtaining financial literacy. This is why we thought about making an interactive game that lets you follow a character's journey as she turns her lemonade stand business into a corporation. Currently, the game is a demo, but we plan to add a multiplayer feature that allows users to interact and learn with friends. At the end of the day, learning is more fun when you learn together!

What it does

User will follow Dorothy's journey from when she opens her first bank account, all the way to growing her lemonade company into a corporation. There are three stages that you will learn more about: Personal finance, Entrepreneurship, and Stock Market.

How we built it

Game: We build the game through an engine called Godot. The scripting language used was something that we never used before called GDScript. We were able to learn and code an interactive game for the first time with this scripting language and application. Multiplayer: Since it's a demo, we are still in process of adding the multiplayer portion into the game. We have created a sign in/sign up system for users to create their account. We have used Google FireBase to store the credentials and have a safe and thought-free login. We will plan to connect the accounts to the game data system, which will allow for game saving features on account.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges while creating this game. Our group feels that no matter what the challenge is, no matter how hard it can get, dedication and passion can overcome. We ran into a time consuming challenge connecting the FireBase credentials to our user interface system. We had a problem having the user information being saved onto the database. Though, after some documentations and cups of coffee, we were able to figure out the error. Exporting the game file was an issue as well. We faced issues where text wasn't showing after exporting the game file. We realized it wasn't a problem with our computers, but rather the whole new exporting format. We were able to figure that out after trying out a couple of permutations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


Our team is very proud of this project because we are all fairly new to making projects like these. This is our first Hackathon, so our main priority was the learning experience. Not only did we learn, we learnt together, as a team. We are very proud to see how we can give a positive impact to the community with an interactive game like this.

What we learned

WE LEARNT HOW TO FUNCTION TOGETHER AS A TEAM. Our team is a multicultural and diverse team that's very passionate about what we're learning. For most of us, it was our first time at a Hackathon, and it won’t go unmentioned that we learned a lot from the challenge. For most of us it was the first time having a 24hrs window to come up with a project and implement it that quick. This gave us a clear indication on how fun it is to work as a good and share ideas to come up with solutions. It was a challenge to come up with a project in a short period of time. All in all it was a good and challenging experience to start with from which we learned a lot. As a diverse team who endeavors to explore various fields within STEM, NSBEHacks, our first-ever Hackathon, provided us a stellar experience. Despite a team member being eight hours away from the EST time zone, we found ourselves truly engaged in the event. We were able to network with individuals from around the world, and we deliberated and worked on intriguing problems together. Moreover, we learned and exposed ourselves to new ideas and technologies. Although online, NSBEHacks was a very unique, informative, and enjoyable experience; and we hope to be a part of it in the following chapters.

What's next for

We are planning to continue the development of this app. We have a goal to add more features that will help students have a fun and interactive way to learn more about financial decisions. We want to better develop this app, make it more easy for students like us to learn more about finance and its decisions!

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