Having struggled with depression in the past, we wanted to build a tool that could help people in that situation detect it early and give them the tools they need to get healthy again.

What it does

Our Chrome extension uses Lexalytics' Semantria API to detect when our users have a bad day, and bombard them with cuteness when they do. Additionally, we can detect the early signs of depression and direct our users to our website that features a variety of ressources to help them.

How we built it

We used a Chrome extension to track messages and web searches from a user, which would send data to Semantria API for lexical analysis. The returned sentiment value would be recorded and pooled over the course of the day/week/month to detect a person's negativity.

Challenges we ran into

Having never worked with PyMongo before, connecting with and figuring out the queries for MongoDB was challenging. We had a hard time figuring out the logic behind compressing and filtering the raw data to predict a person's mood. We also had challenges integrating the Semantria API, and in the end we were only able to successfully install in on one of our computers. Luckily, that was enough for us to integrate it with our server and build the project successfully!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was the first time for all of us building a Chrome extension and using Python/Flask as a back-end, so we're proud to have built something that actually runs smoothly!

What we learned

We learned just how powerful the Semantria API actually is when it comes to sentiment analysis, giving us a sentiment score precise to the hundredth of a unit. We also learned a lot about building a Python back-end and connecting it to a Mongo database.

What's next for LemonAid

Given the ressources, we plan on adding additional metrics to help detect the early symptoms of depression, such as tracking time spent on social media or the amount of Facebook conversations our users engage in, both of which are directly correlated to depression. We would also like to use these tools with the Semantria API to help detect other mental illnesses such as bipolar and anxiety disorder.

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