When going grocery shopping, one of our team members noticed that whenever he was going to buy kiwi, the dozen boxes available were spoiled. So on every week when he goes out for shopping he looks if that week they threw away the spoiled set and restocked with a new batch, then he would buy the fruit.

The store is losing money since they supplied their store with more than their demand and therefore the produce was spoilt. And due to this overestimation food is also wasted.

What it does

Lemon targets grocery stores. What our web app does, is that it allows a stock manager of a grocery store to input history data of previous quantities of produce supplied, and the amount that was spoilt. Lemon analyzes this data, the estimated spoilage time for various kinds of produce, the path time for a truck from farm to store and the time that the stock was originally purchased. Based on the data inputted, Lemon gives a recommendation for the stock manager for the quantity to order for the next purchase, that would meet the demand of the customers and therefore minimize food waste.

How we built it

The shop's stock manager selects their store location. Then, a map displays the store on Google Maps and lets the manager confirm. Then the manager can enter the data of previous purchase history and quantities spoilt manually or upload a JSON file. Then a table is shown with the recommended quantities to purchase, to match the expected demand and therefore minimize losses and unnecessary food waste.

Challenges we ran into

Security posed a major area for the team to understand and get to make together on a public cloud. With such technological instruments with us, we were involved in understanding the various features and thereby various repercussion which would emanate while developing our idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the team that we have become together and how we got together for making a goal to reach the completion of our targets. Working for tirelessly for the goal for the betterment of the society at large and fun moments we had during the hackathons were the highlights. Majorly we were awed with the intention of the mentors and the staff who shared the knowledge which helped us to deliver what we have done today.

What we learned

We have learnt that idea eminates through great brainstorms and with various ways of looking at the situation or the topic. This hackathon is a great example where we faced setbacks due to difficulty of the platforms we dealt with when we tried to understand our best to contribute to the goal

What's next for Lemon

Using AWS's ML API or another's platform in order to estimate demand throughout the year. Add a log in screen in the front page with credentials. Multiple store brand implementation (e.g. WholeFood, Ralphs, etc..). Use AWS's appsync for flexible and intuitive data management. Calculate efficient truck paths from farms to stores. Use full-text-search for each store's address search.

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