The Inspiration

Our inspiration came from a mobile lemonade selling game. We tried to make our game similar, but better.

What Does It Do?

It allows even the most boring of all minds to have a good time. It can never be overplayed. The game is just too good to put down.

How Did We Build It?

We built the game using Unity, coding with c#, and designing sprites on We could not have finished as good without these tools.

We Ran Into These Challenges

A few times we got stuck because of one incorrect variable being used. That cost us time.

We Are Proud Of These Accomplishments

We had much better animations and gameplay than we previously expected.

*We Learned This *

We learned much more about unity animations. This can help in many more projects.

In The Future…

In the near future, we may turn our prototype into a better/bigger game.

Built With

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