Canvas presents a way to consolidate all of the necessary information needed for a particular course. However, the information sometimes becomes an overload, with people never checking dicussions and some teachers refusing to post the homework online, putting students who forget to write down homework(such as ourselves) in a tight spot.

What it does

Lemon Board provides a way to effectively create a group chat for everyone in a particular class, allowing people to find classmates to help them or allowing them to ask their peers for homework assignments.

How we built it

The appliaction is built on the angularfire framework, with firebase taking care of the backend and angular taking care of the front. We also used angular-ui-router to more easily manage state changes.

Challenges we ran into

Learning to use ui-router and finding the most appropriate method of storing our data in the tree like structure provided by firebase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was the first application where we built the entire backend using minimal outside help(like tutorials etc.). We also have a relatively clean looking frontend without having used bootstrap.

What we learned

angularfire framework, firebase, and ui-router.

What's next for Lemon Board

Add user functionality, allow image uploads in the message channels, make the webpage responsive

Built With

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