We draw our inspiration from the fact that more food is being wasted each day all over the world most of it from being un-eaten. According to census in America, more than 130 billion pounds of food was wasted annually which amounted to a value of more than $160 billion being un-eaten.

What it does

We developed an application to help the user, track the expiry date of foods by inputting the barcode of the product. The application interacts with the cloud and retrieves the expiry date of the food products, allowing the application to send push notifications prior to the expiry date, so that the food does not get wasted. The cloud is updated with data received by scanning the bar code of product during purchase.

How we built it

 JAVA, mySQL Database  Android studio  Cloud platform

Challenges we ran into

As a beginner, we found difficulties while implementing the idea into a working module.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The application is mainly targeted for the end customer and wholesaler/retailer market.

  1. Individual customer: get the most out of each penny, as the individual can receive notifications and some suggestion which might contain some recipes and how the product can be used.
  2. Wholesale/Retailers: minimize food wastage by distributing it to non-profitable foundations or people in hunger, who can use the products efficiently.
  3. Application stats can be used to ensure the products are being used efficiently and production limit is also maintained.

What we learned

we learnt how to design an application and to interact with database(cloud).

What's next for “lemme know” – an app for all

We consider making the application user friendly so that the individual user of the application can keep track of things which can range from medicines to keeping their license or passport expiry in check.

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