Ever wished to write you very own LotR story that works as code? We didn't think so, but now you can! We were partly inspired by out friends @qaisjp that haven't had the pleasure of experiencing the masterpiece that is Lord of the Rings, so as for technical interest and a way to poke fun at our friends we decided to form a fellowship and dig in.

What it does

It's a programming language that you have to write in a story-like fashion with heavy elements of LotR in it.

How we built it

Lots of big, chunky, Python code.

Challenges we ran into

OH MY DAYZ so many if statements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

2 of our team are first time hackathon attendees so submitting something is pretty good for us.

What we learned

Git, basics of interpreters.

What's next for Legolang

So much - this project is ready to spread it's wings and fly to Mount Doom.

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