moses for code

marcus for code

hannah for qt lego bricc

athena for moral support


some guy on discord, our lord and saviour

What it does

  • its a green lego brick
  • if u step on the lego brick it will scream at u
  • in
  • soviet
  • russia
  • you
  • dont
  • scream
  • from
  • lego
  • brick
  • lego
  • brick
  • scream
  • from
  • you
  • u can also make get request to the following path: /img/ where data is the base64 encoded data of your image using (+-) as altchars instead of (+/) and the program will preform complex analysis on your image

How we built it

  • we made an app that uses camera library for react native
  • stick phone in tissue box
  • the phone periodically takes picture
  • it converts the image data into base64 with "+-" as the alt chars (for url format)
  • it sends it to the server with a get request
  • the server performs image analysis using complex algorithms and data structures
  • the result is packed into a compact JSON format and sent back to the client
  • the client uses the data to decide whether a foot is stepping on the brick
  • if something is stepping on the brick it screams

Challenges we ran into

  • sending base64 picture kinda slow
  • so we had to do some compression funkywunk

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

  • how to take pictures using react native

What's next for lego-that-screams-when-you-step-on-it-++-brightness-analyzer

  • more machine learning
  • blockchain
  • reduce latency by using distributed computer systems
  • k u b e r n e t s
  • make it into a node.js module

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