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Our inspiration came from studying for the AWS cloud practitioner certification. Our team discovered AWS had the exact skill set needed to update the legacy system. The incorporation of AWS perfectly showcases the modern solution of computing going from the server room to the cloud.

What it does

The AWS solution takes the unsupported legacy system Lotus notes and migrates it to the cloud. Our AWS program takes the legislative bill tracker in lotus notes and not only replaces it but improves functionality and security. It will improve problems like slow or non-existent access on mobile devices, and the difficulty for the user on any device.

How we built it

We built our AWS program by looking at the high capability matrix in lotus notes. Then matching the matrix with services in AWS. We matched the database from the matrix with an S3 bucket and a relational database. Webserver with EC2 instances with AMI with WordPress. We first made architectural diagrams using Once we refined our diagrams to where we thought we had a working prototype. We started building our AWS cloud model modular testing different parts of the model. Finally by integrating the pieces of the model together.

Challenges we ran into

Research led us to believe that there was AMI for an EC2 Instance with lotus notes domino database on it. It would have been a fast and easy solution. However, after searching all the regions and asking Amazon, we discovered that AMI does not exist in the marketplace anymore. This caused me to have to find another solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team designed a workable system to replace the Legislature Bill Tracker, using the knowledge we learned while studying for the AWS cloud practitioner exam. Our team is proud we came up with a working prototype in such a short time.

What we learned

Our team has learned the steps it takes to migrate a legacy system to the cloud as well as what a big problem it really is for large organizations like the HIDOE. We figured out how to use and make architectural diagrams. We researched the AWS service the fit the high capability matrix. Then searched architecture diagrams on the different services and then combined them to come up with an architectural diagram for our solution

What's next for the Waialua Computer Science Club?

We are hoping the Hawaii department of education will hire us to complete the AWS cloud solution. Given the opportunity, we could complete the migration by the end of next summer. In 10 months we could have a better working system to replace the Legislative Bill Tracker on a platform that will still be in place thirty years from now.

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