A majority, if not all of play-to-earn crypto games that are popular in the space today are unsustainable. In this game, Legions of Oasis, I aim to change that.

What it does

Legions of Oasis is a crypto-native video-game that blurs the line between GameFi and DeFi. It is a decentralised MMORPG with unique DeFi features that creates a sustainable protocol with fun and addictive gameplay.

Deposit liquidity to mint playable NFTs called champions. Your champions auto-magically accrue value through yield. Lock your yields to level your champions up which in turn increases your yield rate and governance power. Higher level champions gain access to higher level gameplay which unlocks rarer loot and even more rewards.


There are two main parts which make up the protocol:

  1. The DEX
  2. The Game


The DEX is the heart and the entry point of the protocol. Provide liquidity in a liquidity pool to mint your own Champion NFT.

Champions automatically accrue yield in the form of the protocol's governance token called PRESTIGE. Lock your accumulated PRESTIGE to level up your Champion's Prestige level.

A higher Prestige level unlocks higher PRESTIGE yield rate, up to 2.5x. Higher Prestige levels also unlocks more advanced tiers of gameplay. more on that in the next part.

In this novel lock-and-level mechanism, there is a cooldown in between each level-up. This further incentivizes long-term liquidity and better aligns the objectives of the participants of the protocol.

The Game

The Game is where the fun begins. Use your Champions to participate in Campaigns to earn the protocol's inflationary token called VALOR. Use your VALOR to boost your Champion's stats and give them an edge in future campaigns.

A portion of the protocol fees - a majority part of which will come from the protocol's DEX! - may go to the Game's rewards pool. Successfully completing Campaigns will earn you the right to claim a portion of the pool according to your in-game performance.

A new paradigm

This approach to blending DeFI and GameFi together in an innovative way unlocks a new paradigm where deep and long-term liquidity is incentivized through enjoyable and addictive gameplay. this creates an efficient economic flywheel where low slippage attracts traders which in turn increases the protocol's value capture through trading fees. Higher trading fees means higher game rewards which can only be unlocked by participating in the Game which, itself is gatekeeped by holding on to your position for a long time and also locking your farmed yields.

What's next for Legions of Oasis

In this demo, we have only prepared a simple mockup to the protocol's Game Campaigns where you can only stake your Champion NFTs. However, we already have a full-blown roguelike RPG video-game in the development pipeline complete with cooperative multiplayer gameplay providing a metaverse feel where you can fight alongside your friends. I believe that this is the next step towards building a sustainable crypto-native game on the Oasis blockchain and I am excited for its future. Thank you.

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