Legiondary (Legiond) is a state of the art augmented reality designed to unite players together from a common geographic location against a common over arching enemy. Not to be confused with other Role Playing Games, Legiondary is meant to be a teamwork-oriented experience that provides all of the fun of a Multi-Player Game without inter-player tension. Instead it encourages large amounts of participants to collaborate collectively in the same style as a Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO). In addition Legiond includes a geographic aspect that requires players to be physically present within the playing arena in order to be active in the quest. Thus, this creates both a social and mobile element. Currently, due to time constraints, Legiond is limited to a geographic social interaction and Avatar generation but will be later developed to include the startup of a perpetual enemy quest as displayed in our graphics. Future developments include the presence of local landmarks as Quest 'camps' or 'bases' so that community groups can become involved in the event. The ultimate goal that Legiondary strives for is to create a MMO game that aims for total collaboration of all players within the stage of an augmented reality that enriches the general populace as well.

Production Description:

Front end and Back end run with Java , Communication operated with TCP Protocol/Sockets

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