Inspiration---- We imagined life as it would be if we were just legs.

What it does-----It is a game that simulates the trials and tribulations faced by body-less legs across the Galaxy.

How we built it---We used Unity for the scripts, flash for the animations, and Photoshop for the background.

Challenges we ran into----This was our first time using unity as well as c# and it was difficult at first to overcome the learning curve. It was also the first Hackathon of 3 of our 4 members. Our Game also crashed at around 4:30 am in the morning and deleted its files so we had to rebuild it from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of---We were able to finish with a fully functional game and a semi-coherent storyline. We each only knew one person on the team beforehand as well, so we are proud of how we managed to work together so well and develop a finished product.

What we learned----We all learned an incredible amount of C# as well as how to use unity. We also learned the importance of not giving up, though after our game got deleted we were pretty close to. We pulled through together and finished stronger than we had imagined.

What's next for Leg Simulator----We would like to add a greater variety of body parts for the legs to collect, a point system, and integrate a more sophisticated evolution system for when it becomes human.

*please note, after the first animation sequence you must hit the right arrow key to continue, and during the town stage you must hit the space bar to move on.

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