Weggo is also short for wegmans which we all <3. I would like you to leggo of my weggo.

What it does

It shows a screenshot of the Wegmans waffle store page (poor weggos got poor reviews). If you try to click on the page it gives you an alert box saying "leggo my weggo!!"

How I built it

I used nginx on a Google Cloud App Engine instance of debian and bought the domain off of _ _

Challenges I ran into

I also tried to host on the same server but it didn't seem to work properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All of it.

What I learned

It can be difficult to tell the difference between lego and leggo

What's next for Leggo My Weggo

If i can get to work I might forward traffic between and in a beautiful loop much like the snake that eats its own tail Ouroboros.

Built With

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