Reminiscing on the times long ago where we would play fun games that incorporated math and promoting learning, we were inspired to create an interactive game that would allow players to practice their math skills in a unique game! We wanted to pay homage to those games that kept us entertained and helped us develop our math skills. Hopefully, you will see that we have created a math game that really tries to emulate that same feeling of playing math games when we were young!

What it does

Legends of the Math Ghost gamifies learning allowing users to experience the game at several levels of difficulty to open up the target demographic. We simulate a top-down interactive game that allows the user to move using input from the keyboard. Players will find themselves in a game featuring a plethora of original levels created by us, taking down monsters using their math skills to progress to the satisfying ending!

How we built it

We built this project using HTML/CSS and Javascript. Most of the functionality of the game was implemented using Javascript. HTML/CSS was also used to create landing pages and format pages to create an awesome gaming experience. Also, the levels in the game were created using an editor that allows the user to build maps using tiles.

Challenges we ran into

With varying levels of experience building projects with HTML/CSS and Javascript, our challenges mainly stemmed from a lack of knowledge of the syntax required to implement features. Also, we spent copious amounts of time debugging and reworking code to better implement features for the game!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud of the entire project as a whole! There were many features that took real determination and research to learn to implement, but it was well worth it! Some of the more impressive features that we are especially proud of include the responsive movement, the corresponding animation, hit detection, and gameplay mechanics!

What we learned

This project served as a fantastic opportunity for us to grow and develop as programmers! We were able to learn more about HTML features, CSS properties, and Javascript functionality. Aside from technical skills, we were able to develop important soft skills like setting goals, time management, and communication. Finally, we learned that hackathons provide a fun and engaging experience!

What's next for Legends of the Math Ghost

In the future, we would love to implement more player interactions and add more levels! If we had more time, we would've wanted to include a robust health system for the player as well as a more dynamic storyline for the player to get invested in.

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