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People are bored while stuck at home during the COVID-19 lockdown and we are all sorely missing our regular Dungeons and Dragons sessions.

This is a way to play Dungeons and Dragons at home in a retro text-adventure style of game with multiple routes and danger afoot.

What it does

It allows people to play an equivalent of Dungeons and Dragons at home, with loads of monsters, stats and weapons for people to use. There are loads of dangerous events, do you dare to enter the dungeon?

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a few challenges while setting up how to work together, initially trying Atom/VSCode teletype so that we could work on the same file at the same time, but later opting for a git repository that would sync to our VPS every 10 seconds. This meant that we could all commit to the same repository and watch the changes in real time with our bot.

Accidently sent our GitHub auth token to each other

Alt text

Couldn't exit Vim...

Alt text

What we learned

We have all learnt a ton from this, from how to make a successful Discord bot, how to work and collaborate together in a team and how to make an engaging interactive story game that people can play.

What's next for Legend of Destiny

We would love to flesh out the story more by adding more monsters, weapons, adding more events which are stats based and also finishing the finale epic boss battle. We can't wait for people to explore the dungeons and find everything within!

Let's take a look!

A screenshot of our bot with title

A screenshot of our bot

A screenshot of our bot

Our working environment!

A picture of the code editor Atom

A picture of a desk, one of our working environments

A picture of a desk, one of our working environments

A picture of a desk, one of our working environments

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