BigRed//Hacks 2017 "Legend of Code" Submission. Designed by Shimona Agarwal, Laura Sizemore, and Jeremy Wang.

In this technologically advancing world, coding is becoming a necessary skill that teaches critical thinking. Learning to code gives an understanding of how technology works to others unaware. A report from Burning Glass, found that programming jobs are growing 12% faster than the market average. However, many users after using services such as Codecademy give up after using it out of boredom and frustration. Because of this, we approach the problem by encouraging cooperative learning. Cooperative learning has shown to lead to improved learning in students. According to Edutopia, practices such as cooperative math problems and discussion based English create a space where students think critically and work in. Within "Legend of Code," there is a Quest System, which has users pass levels to advance to the next stage by solving a coding problem. A point System, for each tutorial/ challenge, has students receive points for which they can then buy hints or be allowed to give up and see a solution. There is a strong emphasis and incentive for working together: if you work with another person, you receive double the points.

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