• The injustice in society today and the underutilization of advanced technology in society. We wanted to use this easy to use form of communication (The Cellphone) to communicate large amounts of information to the police. Ensuring the safety of our city/community is our utmost priority.

What it does

• Our Mobile application is the public's side while our Web application is our private's side. When a user takes a photo of a crime incident they attach a description with a hashtag of the the type of crime or any other categorial data. We then transit this image to the server and apply multiple recognition scripts to try and indemnify the license plate number or the face of the criminal. Once all the data has been processed and categorized the server will display this in a clear and concise way for the police to see. If the police have inquiries or would like to know more about an incident they can click on it and view all the details as well as related incidents of the same Case ID.

How it was built

• For the Mobile part we used Android Studio and Java. • For the Web application part we used HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP. • For the Server we used AWS as well as some PHP Scripts • For the Custom Graphics we used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Challenges we ran into

• Difficulty transmitting data/information across the network • Understanding the information visual hierarchy and what the user needs (Learning to use Photoshop and Illustrator) • Retrieving info from the server and updating all the information as well as using the Google API to create the map.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

• Getting the data transferred through the network and to the destination (The AWS Server) • Properly implementing the Camera API and utilizing it to gather data.

What we learned

• How to use the networking tab in Android Studio to track data transfers • How to efficiently use SQL and Google API's • The basics of product design and Adobe Tools • How to create a great design from the ground up

What's next for Legality

• Dark Mode: Your phone goes dark (It looks like its off) but its secretly recording Audio/Video. When you shake the device the Audio/Video file starts recording so you never have to turn the phone on to record and when you flip your phone three times the Audio/Video file is complete. • Big Brother (Emergency Use Only): Every phone that has the app installed becomes a device streaming, Video and Audio simultaneously to allow for mass observation and detailed tracking of any world threat to a level that has never been achieved before in data gathering. • Greater Statistical Analysis: Displaying charts and graphs of other data such as Crimes Per Day

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