Not knowing the law and ones rights can expose already vulnerable groups to more discrimination and abuse.​
With lawyer fees being out of reach for many who need legal advice, the situation becomes even more dire ​

​ Legal Helper Bot was created to change that, delivers a starting point advice for free.

What it does

Legal Helper Bot is a QnA bot backed by hundreds of legal answers to provide speedy and discreet starting point.​

How I built it

It is served as a static webpage hosted on Azure Storage , built with Azure Bot-Framework.

The Legal Helper Bot is available as a web app, to account for those who cannot afford mobile devices or monthly plans, but have access to public computers​

Challenges I ran into

Different laws for each state

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Providing more free access to legal starting point, something that I hope will help promote inclusion.

What I learned

There are many laws protecting vulnerable groups that many people do not know about.

What's next for Legal Helper Bot

Add more legal questions. customizing the answers based on local jurisdictions.

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