Contract Farming is seriously affected leading to poor Agricultural Engagements hence low crops yiels and exports.

Introducing Artificial Intelligence to help boast Farming Contracts, Productions and Exports powered by

In most of African Countries, Most Local Farmers are shying away from partaking in a certain Contracts Farming Businesses that can help to boast agricultural productions and exports simply because of the unfair and criminal attitudes of some Contracts Agents who Contracts out the Farming Contracts Business. Here are two major Issues Faced by Local Contracts Farmers

1.) Cheating and Fraudulent activities by their Contracting Companies/Parties.

2.) Complex long/lengthy legal Contracts Documents which makes the reading and analyzing of Farmers Legal Contracts Documents extremely Difficult.

What It Does

Farmer Enter his name and upload his Farming Legal Contracts Documents for AI Analysis, interpretations and visualizations.

The Application automatically perform all the task listed below

It uses (Sentiments API, Entities API & Analytics API) to break down the legal Documents Contracts agreements into more Simple, Easy, Understandable and digest-able form.

it also uses Google Statistical Charts/Graphs for Documents Data analytic Visualizations.

  • The Applications leverages Sentiments API to run sentimental analysis of The Farmers contracts legal Documents to breakdown the Documents Contents to more easy and digestable form. It analyzes each Documents contents for Positivity, negativity or neutrality statements

  • The Applications leverages Entity API to detect, analyze and list all the People, Persons, Organisations, Companies and all the entitiesinvolves in the Legal Contracts Documents. This Helps to save time and energy by point out to the Farmers all the entities involved in the Contracts Documents.

  • The Applications leverages Analytic API to analyze the Legal Documents Contracting Agents speaker ratio, talk time, silence, pace and overlap in the Legal Documents Contracts Agreements.

  • The Applications leverages Google Statistical Graphs/Charts to display Graphical/Charts Visualization of Legal Documents Contracts Agreements Sentiments and Analytics leveraging Sentimental and Analytics Data

How we built it

Built with Php, Mysql, Jquery, Bootstraps leveraging Google Charts/graphs and Sentiments API, Entities API and Analytics API

How to run the application.

Please see the readme.txt file included in the application project codes

What we learned

We learnt how to leverage Conversational API to help Contract Farmers in analyzing their Contracts Legal Agreements

Built With

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