Legacyshare is a digital platform designed to share personal and family history. Our target market is anyone who wants to curate and share their digital assets and family stories. Our mission is to connect past, present and future generations. We believe that every life is worth preserving and that everyone has a story worth telling.

Use cases for Legacyshare include: Genealogical story telling, memoirs, personal history, family history, photo/video/audio story telling, ethical wills, scrapbooking, journaling and finally any sort of passion or interest that one would want to be remembered by.

Our products include a Legacybook; an interactive ebook to share stories in various media formats and Legacybox; a digital storage service to organize and preserve precious photos, videos, audio and document files.

We believe that consumers enjoy viewing stories and digital content by Time, Place, People and Topic of interest. As such, tagged content auto generate interesting Timeline, Map, and Indexes by People and Topic.

To enable sharing we've added easy-to-use Social Tools so that our members can invite and Connect privately with friends and family or the broader Legacyshare community. Our social tools provide an Activity Feed, Account Profile, and private Messaging System inside of Legacyshare.

We serve no ads and charge according to the storage needs of our members. We offer a freemium account to get started. We will be exiting our Beta period and releasing our first generation product in calendar Q1 2015. We will release our mobile app toward the end of 2015.

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