Our story

Through the Thiel Fellowship, Peter Thiel chooses a few deserving student every year to mentor, support, and provide $100,000 of capital to drop out of college and follow their dreams. The Kleiner Perkins Fellowship chooses 60 of the finest our universities have to offer to groom into entrepreneurs and global leaders. We believe the opportunity to invest in, nurture, and shape a young person we believe into our legacy should be something anyone can do. That's where we come in.

The reason we invest equity in startups is because we understand that it encourages risk taking. By promising that if your company goes bankrupt, we won't come for your soul, we are able to encourage people who otherwise wouldn't have been willing to risk so much to soar limitlessly. Why don't we apply the same thinking to our young people?

We need to find a better way to support college educations, a way that doesn't burden people with hundreds of thousands of dollars of loans even if they can't find a job after college. We're punishing college students for taking risks

What inspired us

On a bittersweet afternoon on Pi day, 2017, my best friend got an offer of admission from MIT. He didn't qualify for financial aid. His parents didn't want to fund him. The only way he could finance his admission was to taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, which could potentially follow him for a lifetime. He went somewhere else on a full scholarship. The world lost a lot of value that day, and I've never been able to just accept that there isn't a better way to do things.

What we do

We connect a Legatus (an experienced veteran of industry) with Legacies (high potential future leaders), who takes an *equity stake in the Legacy in exchange for an agreed upon amount of funding. The Legatus is invested in setting up his Legacies for success much the same way the nurturing hand of a VC is invested in their portfolio startups. They triumph united or fall divided, and it takes away from the incredibly toxic culture of debts and loans, where the investor only cares about extract their own money at all cost, regardless of the health of the person on the other side of the table.

* Quick aside: this "equity" often draws an intense reaction from certain people; people being taken advantage of, indentured servitude, etc. Yifan has a strong background in finance, and has guaranteed that securities can be designed to counter this abuse.

** Using Plaid and Stripe's cutting edge fintech api, we personally guarantee these transactions to be safe and confidential.

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