It's far from complete :(

How it works

Challenges I ran into

1) Swing documentation 2) Finding the maximum area polygon given points on a plane (it works...mostly...) 3) Learning multithreading 4) Learning about matrices and OpenGL (with LWJGL) 5) Art 6) Music 7) Sound effects

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1) Making my own Button class that allows me to upload multiple images for different states of button (inactive, hover, click) 2) Actually having a GUI in my software! 3) Having a non-default icon for the program! 4) Making a really crappy algorithm for drawing a polygon with maximum area given points on a plane. 5) Making a game loop, so we can start/go back to the main menu

What I learned (so far)

1) How to use the Javax Swing Library 2) How to work in a team 3) Git/Github 4) A bit on how game loops work 5) A bit about how multi-threading works

What's next for Legacy Dungeon

1) Adding new data structure for dungeons to make it not lag 2) Cleaning up old, broken code

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