Games like "Emily is Away", "Vee is Calling", and "Doki Doki Literature Club" definitely inspired us to make our own. With lots of user interaction, beautiful graphics and a storyline that pulls you into the game, you can clearly see how heavily "Left on Seen" is influenced by the aforementioned games. Though we did draw ideas from other "dating simulators" we tried to throw in our own twists to make the game as original and unique it can be.

The Game:

"Left on Seen" follows a lonely girl who browses through dating apps while taking the subway in the early hours of the morning and tries desperately not to fall in love and even more desperately not to get left on seen.

The Process:

The creation of this project was pretty spontaneous. It started out of boredom but quickly became something serious that we wanted to work on.


Many times when people see games where your interactions with others affect the story, they don't factor in how messy a story like that can be. We had the same mindset until we tried to make this game. Stories are hard enough to build already, so adding even more complication into that mess was a struggle. Another big challenge was the time crunch, although that can go without saying in any hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

While a time limit is always going to cause problems, most hackathon games don't really have to worry about assets. If you're using Unity, you can just download some from the store, and most sane pygame users download sprites from the internet. Although it caused a bit of trouble, we couldn't be prouder of the pixel art in this game that we made from scratch.

What we learned:

Get on top of things quickly. If you can't manage yourselves, it makes it a whole deal harder to get anything done.

What's next for "Left on Seen":

With more time, patience, and a lot more caffeine we'd work towards adding colour to the graphics, more complex storylines with different endings, and more boys to swipe right on :). ( + actually finish it )

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