Globally, we lose about 8 billion trees per year, releasing 6 billion tonnes CO2 annually in addition to affecting 2 billion people living dependently on forests. As scientists and tech entrepreneurs, we strongly believe we can address these problems effectively at speed and scale. We need to stop the loss for our future generations and planet.

What it does

Our tech uses machine learning algorithms to detect trees every 5-16 days. Tree owners and the public are connected to the trees and incentives for tree protection and planting are provided in forms of NFTs and carbon sales.

How we built it

LEET Carbon is built on iOS and Android for tree and human connection. LEET Protect is the next version of LEET Carbon to be built using blockchain technology for transparency, fairness, and success.

Challenges we ran into

We are the top experts in the field of forest carbon management and technovation for sustainability. We understand the problems of tree loss, deforestation, and forest degradation better than the average experts in the field. Still, we need data scientists and blockchain engineers to scale up the project or seed funding to hire them for the sake of our planet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We organized many professional workshops and published high-impact peer-reviewed journal articles based on our algorithms and methods. APP of LEET Carbon is expected by end of October.

What we learned

Teamwork and people management are important toward success

What's next for LEET Protect

We plan to introduce blockchain technology for LEET Protect APP, where tree owners are connected to trees and allocated NFTs as incentives for tree protection and more planting.

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posted an update

In 2017 when Manju joined AIT as a PhD student, his advisor Prof. Nophea Sasaki advised him to work on applications of Google Earth Engine in forest carbon monitoring. In 2019, we came up with a good idea for detecting forest signal and published 3 peer-reviewed journal articles out of it. Later in 2019 at the Silicon Valley, both of us was awarded the Google's Next-Step Award for our tech idea for tree and land cover detection. After graduation, Manju started a company to develop an APP for tree detection and data sharing. As technologies developed, especially the speed of blockchain technologies and Web 3.0, we decided to jump into this era by introducing the LEET Protect for protecting the trees and climate through incentives and transparency with less costs on third party validation and verification.

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