Inspiration - A combination of classic and modern materials.

What it does - Glows with an subtle accent of orange light. Manually turned on.

How I built it - With a lot of patience, many attempts with different LEDs, and some EL wire.

Challenges I ran into - Trying to work with arduino and the provided LED strips with limited hardware. When we didn't have a part we needed, we had to find a different solution. There were also no 12V power sources so some of the LED strips were unusable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Made from scratch, the original design, concept, and hardware came together relatively quickly.

What I learned - The possibilities of microcontrollers and that a lot of different hardware component are required to come together perfectly to produce a final product. If even one of those pieces of hardware fails, so does the project.

What's next for LEDress - Wearable technology is becoming very prevalent in the fashion industry and hardware including lighting and small motors can be combined to create subtle accents or bold statements.

Built With

  • battery-pack
  • el-wire
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