Problems persisting in Healthcare field, as in cumbersome and unstructured data of the patient, no real time consultation from the doctors etc.

What it does

Ledgent is an application that utilizes Block Chain technology to provide immediate retrieval of health records, thereby allowing patients to communicate directly with doctors and share their health records for online consultations. This is the future of accessible healthcare providing a safe and secure online consultation. Doctors can document the consultation directly onto the patient’s health record, creating a more valuable experience for physician and patient. This also creates a timeline for the patients with their medical record. Ledgent also provides the data to the pharmaceutical companies, without revealing any patients identity, for medical research.

How we built it

Using Blockchain Technologies, Solidity, Ethereum, Node.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

It was a huge applications so we didn't knew where to start from. And technically we were facing many dependency errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1.Providing better healthcare to the patients.

  1. Managing hospital data in a proper way.

What we learned

  1. Team work.
  2. Problems in medical fields.
  3. Data Security and Business Management.

What's next for Ledgent

Targeting the medical institutes and hospitals, for implementing our solution.

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