There's always a special relationship we have when we go to the doctors - that is filling out paperwork and updating our nurses and doctors on how we are feeling. Each time I walk into the doctor's office, it feels like I'm always handed a clipboard with paper forms to fill out. Then, the doctor will spend ten to fifteen minutes interviewing me on my health conditions while he goes ahead and fills out a paper form with pen or pencil.

What if we did not have to do this process each and every time we went to the doctor's office? If the doctor could just pull up my file, and have it be automatically filled out with the most up to date health information about me? Or if I could visit any doctor in the world and have them be up to date in a few clicks on my phone?

Ledge, your personalized block chain, helps you do exactly that. All you have to do is fill your personal information out in the application, and Ledge will encrypt and store your information in your own personal block chain. Then, it's as easy as scanning the QR code for doctors to receive details about you. Ledge helps you and doctors spend less time filling out paperwork, less time talking about questions previously answered, while keeping your most sensitive information completely secure.

What it does

Ledge is a web application built on a block chain solution. Patients fill out an online medical form once, and the information is then secured in the block chain. Participating offices will have a QR code that the patient scans into their phone, and patient is prompted to release their information to the office.

Participating offices and pharmacies will also have the ability to leverage Ledge's digital prescription platform. Doctors can create a digital prescription with their cryptographic signature, which is almost impossible to defraud. Then, the patient will be able to digitally purchase the prescription at any of our participating pharmacies.

The most important feature of Ledge is the fact that it is a permanent ledger - the history of the block chain cannot be edited. This offers everybody visibility on the complete and correct history of events.

How we built it

We used Solidity to build contracts on a private Ethereum block chain. Our front end is built with React Native and our back end is built using Node.js.

Challenges we ran into

We faced many technological design decisions as we tried to make the web application as secure as possible with limited time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to interact with the Ethereum Blockchain using contracts. We built a QR scanner and a QR barcode generator.

What we learned

We learned a lot about cryptographic methods. We also learned how to code Solidity and how to interact with contracts using a JavaScript library.

What's next for Ledge

We hope to polish this application and try to pitch this application to investors.

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