Our project:

An LED timer using an Arduino board and neopixel light rings.

We started with almost zero experience. The only programming we'd done before was with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When we chose a hardware based project, we knew what we were getting into. The goal for today, though, was to walk out and learn something. I think we've accomplished that far more than we expected.

We had some challenges, and although we didn't expect all of them, we were able to deal with them fairly well. Some of the obstacles we had to maneuver around include:

  1. Learning what an Arduino actually is, and how to use it
  2. Programming in an entirely new language
  3. Working with limited supplies
  4. Learning how to solder
  5. Working in a short time frame

In the end, even though it's surely not the most aesthetically pleasing, it accomplishes its function: to track time.

It's comprised of two LED rings: an outer ring, which is made of two quarter-circle neopixel light curves, and an inner ring, which is 24 LED lights. The original intent was to have a 24 hour clock, but, for our purposes, we decided it would be best to change the inner ring to minutes, and the outer ring to seconds.

And now, for the sake of brevity, I will end here! Considering what we had, though, and what we intended, I think we made a fairly function project that we're proud to call our own.

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