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Challenges we ran intoFor our project we plan to use computer vision and a simple iPhone app to control turning on and off of the lights, the color of the lights, and a flickering of the lights. The lights could turn different colors or pulse like a strobe lights and then the computer vision would strictly be determining what lights were on and off, depending on what image came from the computer camera.

First we will build a box, made out of wood or cardboard with a modern sleek look to make it look like a product. Then a grid of RGB lights would be placed on the surface of the box and a circuit to control it within the box. Then the circuit would have to interface with the app and inputs from the computer. The app would control the various characteristics of the lights, but the image from the computer would control what lights were on or off.

We plan to use the webcam of a computer attached to the Arduino via USB to record the movement of a hand or some other object. The computer camera would read the image before it and relay that information to the arduino. Then the shape would appear in the shape of “off” lights on the LED array.

If the computer vision does not work, every other row on the lightbox would contain a row of ping sensors, which would be the sensors that would detect if there were an object at a certain depth away from the sensors. Thus when certain sensors were triggered, the corresponding lights would turn off.

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