This past Summer, I lived in Nevada. Many people wore crazy belt buckles to the local rodeo, so I decided to make the craziest belt buckle of all.

What it does

It is supposed to light out when the switch is flicked ON.

How we built it

Altuim was used for the PCB design. The surface mount components were soldered in an oven. The through-hole components were soldered on manually. The Case was 3D printed. The belt was modified with basic home-tools.

Challenges we ran into

The switch layout was off from what was expected. As a result, the manual soldering in the through-hole switch is less than ideal, and the LEDs do not switch ON.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I learned the intricacies of Altium. Before the course, I did not know nearly all the different ways the interface could be used to create unique results.

What we learned

I learned all about Altium as well as 3D printing as a result of the project.

What's next for LED Belt Buckle

I want to order a switch that is sized to the larger than expected footprint to see if a better-soldered switch will have an effect on the LEDs' outputs.

Built With

  • altium
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