Coming into YHack, our team had one goal. We wanted to create a tool, a solution that could not only improve our lives, but the lives of our peers. After missing our respective lecture sessions on Friday to come to YHack, we all realized on the bus to New Haven that a service which allows us to catch up on missed notes would be of immense help. It was from this hope that LectureHub was born: a cloud-based note-sharing platform which allows students to upload notes on a college-by-college basis. Through LectureHub, we aimed to create an integrated, easily accessible web and mobile service which allows access to a centralized repository of class notes and presentations uploaded by students of a particular school — all while promoting collaboration among users. As students at schools with a highly-competitive culture, we often find it hesitant to directly ask our peers for help. We all want to collaborate, but at times, there is an inch of hesitation which discourages us from doing so. Our core belief lies in the dream of promoting collaboration at universities, in order to create communities which are even closer knit than they are today. Social networks have defined the way we interact in the past decade, and we see LectureHub as continuing on that trend by being a mission-oriented social network in the context of education.

From a technical perspective, our goal from the beginning was to push the boundaries of what Wix Code can do. By developing a front end on Wix Code and integrating a python backend built on the Flask framework, we have succeeded in prototyping an alpha version of a service which allows college students to interact and share notes seamlessly. This architecture has also allowed us to categorize notes based on email addresses, with students being able to access notes created by upload-res from their own school. This service consists of a web-application, a mobile application, and a backend, which allows users to upload or view their class notes directly from either their phones or the website. Currently, we have the basic web and mobile file sharing applications built, on Wix and on iOS respectively. This includes being able to upload your own files and view files posted by other users which are categorized by a course ID. In the future, we hope to add more courses and universities, enable custom commenting and rating of files, and add features which further categorize our data.

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