The application allows uploading of media with slides that are synced up automatically. The media entries get the option of being automatically (machine) transcribed by VoiceBase, which then is used to present the transcription below the video after uploading.

The application uses end-to-end features, and include user and access control management. Integration with other sites is possible by serving the media using JSONP overcoming Cross-Origin browser sandboxing.

Target user are educational and corporate clients that have a large number of lectures including slides, transcription can be used to provide metadata and searchable terms/sentences for high-value indexing, as well as provide transcription for usuability reasons.

Most noteworthy features are the tight integration with Kaltura using the API, notification callback and transcoding services, as well as the Transcription feature powered by VoiceBase.

If you're testing out the live app, login with admin:password.

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